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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cheryl Cole has left Ashley

Former Girls Aloud member and X-Factor superstar Cheryl Cole has left husband Ashley after allegations of his infedilty once again. Cheryl's spokesperson announced Tuesday that she will be seperating from Ashley but declined to say anymore. This month it was claimed he had sent explicit texts to glamour model Sonia Wild while in 2008 he was accused of having an affair with hairdresser Aimee Watson. There are also claims he bedded Vicky Gough, a Liverpool secretary among others. Cole, a Chelsea and England player could now face a transfer or further action from his club due to the intense scrutiny he has put them under in recent times.

Sea World Trainer Killed

Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by Shamu lookalike Tilly in ahorrifying attack on Wednesday, February 24th. Onlookers watched in horror as the killer whale leapt from the water grabbing Dawn and pulling her into the tank where she was violently thrashed. This is not the first attack made by killer whale Tilikum who has previously been blamed for 2 other deaths. PETA have spoken out saying that keeping a killer whale ina tank in Sea World is the equivalent to keeping it in a large bathtub. PETA are strongly against the use of killer whales in theme parks such as Sea World. Sea World did not choose to close the park after the attack took place and PETA has said this was a shameful decision also.

CR Johnson

Ski legend CR Johnson died yesterday while trying to drop a cliff on Light Towers in Squaw Valley, California. He fell face first hitting his head off the cliff face which killed him instantly despite wearing a helmet. A ski incident in 2005 which left Johnson in a coma for 2 weeks showed his courage and true spirit. He awoke paralysed and doctors questioned if he would ever walk again but he learnt agian how to chew and walk and went on to compete in the X games. He will be greatly missed.